This is a notice to all members of the Zevoir Minecraft server that it is officially shut down as of March 5, 2014. 

The reason for shutting down was mainly because I don't have any time to manage it anymore. My life has changed in the past 6 months, and its left me being more busy with less time for the game. It's a heavy responsibility that I can't uphold anymore. With the lack of traffic, lack of help, and lack of time I had no choice but to shut it down.

Zevoir was running for about a year and a half total. It changed a lot during the time it was up, and it was definitely a fun experience for me and for all of the members.

I want to thank everyone who helped along the way, and thank you to those who stayed till the end. A special thank you to Gavin (Shadostalker1670) for being the most dedicated in all aspects, not just as a member or staff but as a friend, it would've shut down sooner if it wasn't for him. Also, a special shout out to Jon (Fadorico). I doubt he'll see this, but we started Zevoir together and we did an awesome thing, its too bad we cut ties under the circumstances we did.

Thanks for the ride everyone. If you'd like to keep in touch, let me know. I can PM you my Skype username.

Happy Minecrafting, friends.